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Frontiers in Redox Biology and Medicine (FiRBaM)


8th Young Professionals Workshop on Plasma Medicine


August 5th - August 8th, 2019 in Greifswald, Germany


We call for abstracts for the Frontiers in Redox Biology and Medicine (FiRBaM) 2019 meeting in Greifswald, Germany! Use your chance to present and discuss recent research data with your peers at a cenvenient setting at the waterfront of the Baltic sea. We are open to a broad variety of topics related to reactive species diagnostics and research as well as their biomedical consequences.


We are honored to announce Dr. Eric Robert (Scientific director at GREMI Orléans, France) and Dr. Carsten Berndt (Group Leader "Thiology" at the Department of Neurology, Düsseldorf, Germany).


We are looking forward to abstract submission from a range of disciplines involving ROS formation and its consequences, including biophysics, biochemistry, biology and biomedicine. All presentations will be oral and held in English. Participants should be graduate studetns or Postdocs up to 5 years aftser PhD graduation.



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