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Basic Research in Plasma Medicine - A Throughput Approach from Liquids to Cells

Sander Bekeschus, Anke Schmidt, Felix Niessner, Torsten Gerling, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann, Kristian Wende

A high-throughput cold physical plasma treatment protocol of liquids and cells is shown. It involves setting up different feed gas compositions for plasma ignition, measuring the plasma's emission spectra, and the subsequent analysis of liquids and cellular activity after plasma treatment.

Bekeschus, S., Schmidt, A., Niessner, F., Gerling, T., Weltmann, K. D., Wende, K. Basic Research in Plasma Medicine - A Throughput Approach from Liquids to Cells. J. Vis. Exp. (129), e56331, doi:10.3791/56331 (2017).


Congratulations to Giuliana Buno for the successful defense of her PhD thesis. Giulina obtained her PhD in the ZIK plasmatis "Plasma Liquid Effects" on the topic: "On the aqueous phase chemistry of atmospheric-pressure plasma jets for biomedical applications". 



New international joint project funded by the BMBF

"Plasfect" with the aim of using physical plasmas against antibiotic-resistant bacteria in chronic wounds

The global increase in antibiotic-resistant germs threatens animal and human health - new therapy options are urgently needed! Dr. Sander Bekeschus from INP is head of the project, which BMBF funds with 1 million euros. In the project, the possibility of combating resistant wound germs using existing and new gas plasma jet technologies will be explored over the next three years. Together with the Dermatology Clinic of the Rostock University Hospital and two French partners in Orléans and Nouzilly, the focus is on integrating basic research into clinical application. Ramona Clemen's laboratory tests accompany the work at the INP to improve the understanding of the mechanisms of action of gas plasma technology.



"Best Student Paper Award" goes to ZIK plasmatis

22.06.2018 - International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM7)

Congratulations to Ramona Clemen! At the International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM7), which took place from June 17 to 22, 2018 in Philadelphia, the work of our PhD student Ramona Clemen was awarded with the "Best Student Paper Award". She presented her results on "Vaccination approaches in plasma medicine", which she researched in the junior research group "Plasma Redox Effects". Around 150 posters were submitted for the award.



March 22-23, 2018

At the second workshop of the Applied Plasma Medicine Center (APMC), a German-Korean project in plasma medicine, experts from INP and Kwangwoon University in Seoul came to a first conclusion of their cooperation.



Poster Award - Day of Science

November 11, 2017

Eric Freund one of our medical students (PhD) of ZIK plasmatis won the prize for the best poster at the "Day of Science" of the University of Medicine Greifswald out of about 50 entries. At this event, doctoral students of the medical faculty present their current or completed research topics. Mr. Freund has been conducting research since April 2017 in cooperation with Dr. Sander Bekeschus (ZIK Plasma-Redox-Effects) and the Clinic for General Surgery.
We congratulate Eric Freud on his award and his great performance.

KSFE University Award

March 7, 2018

We congratulate Heiko Krause on his 1st place at the KSFE University Award at the 22nd Conference for SAS Users in Research and Development in Mannheim. The award-winning article with the topic "Evaluation of experimental proteomic data using the analysis software SAS" was written during a six-month internship, which Mr. Krause completed last year at the ZIK plasmatis/ INP.



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