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Cell Sorting

The ZIK plasmatis utilizes a MoFlo AstriosEQ  (Beckman-Coulter) for cell sorting. The device houses 7 excitation lasers of different wavelengths (true 355nm UV laser, 405nm, 488nm, 532nm, 561nm, 592nm, 640nm diode laser). The optical arrangement of the lasers is parallel. The light is amplified on of 32 photomultipliers (PMTs) / channels, which are distributed over the individual laser lines. As a special feature, the optical configuration allows simultaneous analysis of all Brilliant Violet dyes (7 PMTs on the 405nm laser). The device has two separate forward scatter PMTs, which permit a simultaneous assessment of very small and very large particles in a single run using various optical masks (theoretically 0.2-30 μM, for instance platelet microparticles and tumor stem cells in patient's blood). Forward and side scatter can be recorded from all laser lines (405nm upwards). The fast electronics can detect up to 300,000 events per second. The cell sort is based on the jet-in-air principle that ensures high viability especially of sensitive cells. Sorting is possible from any laboratory plastic tube, into any plastic tube (0.5ml to 50ml reaction vessels) or multiwell plate (6-well to 1536-well). The sorter is located in an S2 safety environment. Up to six populations can be sorted simultaneously. The aborts of a population of interested can be sorted and in a second run re-sorted to increases the yield, which is especially useful for rare applications. The optics are highly sensitive. After extensive fine adjustment, Vasilis Toxavidis (Harvard Medical School) was able to quantify fluorescently labeled low-density lipoprotein (LDL, 50nm size) using a similar AstriosEQ in Boston, USA.

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