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Mass Spectrometry

The ZIK plasmatis has four mass spectrometry (MS) systems available for various applications. All systems are set upped in classical fashion using a liquid chromatography (LC) system to provide sample separation (LC-MS). The four systems are dedicated to various tasks, ranging from classical proteomics to lipidomics, and small molecule analysis. The proteomics setup consists of an UltiMate 3000 nano flow LC coupled to a Thermo QExactive MS using a Nanoflex ion source. This system is highly flexible and used for both explorative investigations of cellular proteomes after plasma treatment, targeted proteomics, and routine investigations in support of clinical studies.

The lipid setup combines a Vanquish normal flow LC (with optional UV trace) and a QExactive Plus MS. In addition, an alternative source setup is available, which allows spatially resolved extraction of lipids directly from a sample. Facilitated by an Advion TriVersa NanoMate system, the combination of lipid extraction and ionization in one system is possible. The setup is used to investigate both complex lipid samples, e.g. full extracts from plasma-treated cells, as well as model systems, such as vesicles and GUVs.

Two additional systems are optimized to allow investigation of small molecules, peptides, and their modifications after plasma treatment. A TripleTOF 5600 (Sciex) allows for high resolution analysis and rapid method optimization using either an EASY-nLC system (Thermo) for low flow applications, or an Agilent Infinity 1290 setup for normal flow methods (with optional UV trace). Both LC systems and the employed sources (APCI or classical ESI) are interchangeable for quantitative analysis using a TripleQuad 5500 (Sciex) system to allow MRM analysis of compounds of interest and their products after plasma treatment.



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